Are you looking to step up a level in your career but don’t know what is holding you back?

Are your work relationships not as productive or as fulfilling as they should be?

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) helps you reach the top in Business more than IQ, improves your self-management and enables you to develop fantastic relationships?

As part of Adult Learners’ Week (organised by Learning & Work Institute on behalf of Llywodraeth Cymru / Welsh Government, I am delighted to deliver a FREE one-hour webinar series titled “Getting the Best from Yourself and Others – Evaluating the Now and Developing the How’.

Those attending each of the four sessions via Zoom will:

– evaluate their own EQ;
– share experiences with fellow learners;
– carry out exercises which will enable the learners to develop their EQ in order to produce great results in their work and/or private life;
– see how UP can help individuals and businesses to produce great results.

Commencing on Wednesday 23rd September at 10.30am. dates and links to the webinars are below.

Webinar 1 – 23/09/20 – Evaluating and Developing your Self Awareness

Webinar 2 – 30/09/20 – Evaluating and Developing your Self-Management

Webinar 3 – 07/10/20 – Evaluating and Developing your Social Awareness

Webinar 4 – 14/10/20 – Evaluating and Developing your Relationship Management

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