What We Do

Coaching & Mentoring


Coaching enables individuals to reach or exceed their potential through a one to one coach/coachee relationship, working on areas important to the coachee and/or organisation.

Unlocking Potential

Coaching & Mentoring

We understand your people are your greatest asset. They require developing as your business changes and preparing for existing and future challenges. There are only so many hours in a day and time does not stand still.

To enable your business to thrive, do you:

Have staff who need to grow into their roles?

Need more effective Leaders and Decision Makers?

Have talent that needs to learn and develop for future business needs?

Have teams that need to perform more effectively?

Need your Leaders to develop coaching as a skill?

If you have answered ‘yes’ to one or more of the above then coaching may be the answer.

Conversation starter

Do you know how you learn best?

Picture the scene. It is early Summer 1987. I am holed away in my plush student accommodation (with a lovely family) in Keele, Staffordshire busily trying to prepare for my final exams. My goal is to qualify as a Graduate of the Royal Society of Chemistry in just a month’s time.

what we do

Leadership Coaching

To be a great Leader you need more than great technical abilities or a high IQ. You also require a high degree of Emotional Intelligence (EQ). Part of this is development of great self-awareness. Unless you reflect, get feedback from others or evaluate your leadership, you may never know just how good you are! UP works with you to expand your self-awareness of your leadership performance and enables you to identify your strengths and areas for improvement, building your EQ and enabling you to develop and perform great leadership.


Case Study

We were engaged by the Business Leader of a longstanding family owned business to provide a blend of Leadership and Executive one to one coaching. The Leader (the coachee) had recently taken on additional responsibility and felt that coaching would assist with the transition.

Having established a coaching contract, responsibilities, confidentiality and explained our code of ethics, the coach worked with the coachee on issues of their choice.

Over a six month period, the sessions, combined with additional support and activities to increase self-awareness, enabled the coachee to clarify their thinking and make decisions swiftly which benefitted the coachee and the business. One outcome was significant reorganisation and transformation of the showroom against a timeline created by the coachee which has thrilled the Leader and their customers.

what we do

Executive Coaching

We focus on enabling your high-potential staff to develop their knowledge, attitudes, skills and behaviours in line with business requirements, producing measurable improvement against pre-agreed outcomes and delivering what you need to ensure great business performance in the short to medium term.

Executive Coaching

Case Study

We were engaged on a six month contract by an automotive company to develop twelve production team leaders across three shifts through one to one coaching. The organisation was undergoing significant change and we were brought in to enable the team leaders to grow into their new roles and improve their performance.

By establishing great coach/coachee relationships, understanding each team leaders’ learning and communication styles and adjusting the coaching style to best suit each team leader, we enabled the team leaders to work on areas of their choice.

Areas we worked on included: giving feedback to individuals and the team, communicating with each other and across shifts, confidence/assertiveness, time management and leading meetings. Despite being challenging, feedback from each team leader proved they had enjoyed the coaching intervention and had learned, enhanced their skills and changed their attitudes and behaviours. The Plant Manager was delighted with the performance and behavioural improvements across the shifts which justified the investment.



Over the longer term and by developing a great relationship through working together, UP will enable you or a member of your team to develop to the next level. This is achieved by providing you with a mentor with the appropriate skills and experiences from which you can learn and share experiences and dilemmas with a person who has been there, seen it and done it!

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