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Operational IMPROVEment


UP works with organisations to enable them to improve and develop their strategies, processes, systems and procedures in order to increase their competitiveness and profits.

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Operational Improvement

We know continuously improving your business and operations is vital in order for you to remain competitive and ahead of the pack. You will know that it not only takes planning and people with the correct skills and knowledge. It is necessary that those leading the change are equipped with the correct qualities and traits to make it stick!

You may have asked yourself some of the following:

  • How do I establish a continuous improvement culture?

  • What do we need to do to create and track our strategic plan

  • How do we implement 5S successfully?

  • How do we improve our visual management to support productivity and communication?

  • How do I implement change?
  • How can we reduce our customer and internal complaints through effective problem solving processes?

  • How do I develop my team to ensure they are delivering?

  • What do I have to put in place to manage people performance

  • What measures can we introduce to track progress and influence action?

If you have asked yourself any of these questions, we have the answers.


Operational Improvement

Case Studies

UP have worked in a range of organisations and sectors where we has been instrumental in successfully implementing and establishing many operational improvements. Below are some examples of the great companies we have worked with.

CellPath – Implementation of 5S site-wide which not only reduced accidents and incidents, improved productivity, reduced complaints and increased uptime – it delighted customers in a sector which sees workplace organisation and cleanliness as a necessity. Some of the customers adopted CellPath’s approach back in the laboratory.

Leggett & Platt – Developing production team leaders and helping them establish great problem solving processes to identify and implement actions to eliminate customer concerns. Enhancing and expanding visual management to improve communication, awareness and response to drive performance.

St. Davids Assemblies Ltd – Developing shift cross functional tool box talks and meetings to enable production supervisors to take responsibility for their areas and ensure issues are known and acted upon in order to drive productivity and satisfy customer demand.


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